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RumA centrifuges separate finest particles from your liquids by using 1800 up to 3000 times the gravitational force. There is no need for any additional consumables such as filters. Centrifuges reach a high degree of purity of your liquids as well as a minimal residual humidity in the separated solids. 

Thereby you will obtain cleaned and processed liquids and recover valuable solids. Removing the separated solids from the centrifuge is quick and easy.

Save yourself a lot of money and simultaneously do your part for saving the enviroment.

No filteraids needed
Purity of up to 1µm
Water, emulsions and olis of all kinds.

The contaminated liquids enter the centrifuge through the cover into an insert for solids which is located inside the rotor.

Through gravitational force, the solids are forced to the sidewalls and upwards.

On their way up the insert, the heavier solids will move closest to the insert while the liquids will stay more to the center of the rotor.

The cleaned liquids will leave the rotor through an outlet pipe, leaving the solids in the insert.

When the insert is full, the centrifuge will stop. The liquids remainig in the rotor will leave the centrifuge on the bottom and will be directed into a leakage tank.

This way the solids will have minimal humidity.

The insert including the seperated solids can be taken out of the centrifuge quick and easy similar to a bucket.


The core of every centrifuge is the rotor. Highest demands concerning the material and the high precision in manufacturing ensure the outstanding reliability of RumA centrifuges. Continuous development and special installations guarantee that RumA rotors are invincible in the efficiency of cleaning liquids.

MZ 35

our “smallest one”

MZ 70

our “specific one”

MZ 90

our “universal one”

MZ 150

our “biggest one”