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Catridge Filter

By using cartridge filter systems, you can achieve extremely high purity levels of up to 1 µm. You can achieve this high degree of purity even with very light and suspended solids.

The filter units can be equipped with filter elements of different fineness depending on the desired purity and the solids to be separated. This allows the cartridge filters to adapt precisely to your application.

The cartridge filters work with backflushable filter elements. Therefore, the filter elements have a long service life of up to several years before they need to be replaced. In addition, cartridge filter systems are very energy-saving in operation.

No filter consumption
up to 1 µm in purity
Water, emulsion and any kind of oils

Filtering 1

The filter element is centered in the cartridge filter housing. Now the dirty liquid is passed through the filter elements from the outside. 

Filtering 2

While the liquid can pass through the filter elements, the solids are retained on the pores. This way, the solid particles are gradually deposited on the filter element.


As soon as a certain amount of solids has built up on the filter elements, the cleaning of the filters is started. No more liquid is fed into the cartrdige filters and the residual liquid in the cartridge filters flows off. The filter elements are then flushed with cleaned liquid in the opposite direction to the previous flow direction. This causes the solids to detach from the filter elements and flow out of the cartridge filters into a separate container.

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Further processing

The backflush liquid resulting from the cleaning of the filter elements is then passed through a strainer basket or centrifuge to separate the highly concentrated solids from the backflush liquid.

The filter elements are ready for use again after flushing and a new cleaning cycle can begin.