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Automatic Centrifuge

AZ 150

Our automatic centrifuge will save you even more time by taking work off your hands. It is designed to handle large amounts of solids due to the automatic emptying. As well as manual centrifuges, automatic centifuges are based on the concept of separating solids by gravitational force. Therefore no filter aids are needed. A specially designed tool will discharge the solids from the centifuge in predetermined periods.

Through the automated emptying of the solids the contact of employees to sometimes hazardous solids is reduced to a bare minimum, providing a health benefit for you and your employees.

After the initial setup of the parameters, the centrifuge will run on its own without the need of continous supervision, so that you can work on other tasks.


No filteraids

Purity up to 1 µm

Water, emulsions and any kind of olis

The contaminated liquids are being fed into the rotating centrifuge from below. The fluids including the solids will be forced to the sidewalls of the rotor as well as towards the top of the rotor.

On their way upwards, the solids will collect on the inside wall of the rotor while the lighter liquid will stay more to the center of the rotor.

At the top of the rotor, the cleaned liquid will be forced out of a specially designed outlet pipe, leaving behind the solids inside the rotor.

After a predetermined period the centrifuge will empty itself.

This process starts with the drying-phase where the remaining liquids in the rotor will be led into a leakage-container via specially designed valves in the rotor.

The dried solids will be automatically removed from the centrifuge and will drop in a collection bin positioned underneath the centrifuge.

Afterwards the centrifuge will flush itself an will automatically start the next centrifugation phase.

AZ 150

Our “autonomous one”