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Areas of Application

Metal processing

In metal processing lubrication and cooling of the machine as well as the workpiece are critical.

Our centrifuges separate solids from your liquids to ensure best lubrication results. Simultaneously your liquids can be cooled to the desired temperature.


Glass processing

To ensure the highest precision and quality required in glass processing it is essential for all components to interact on the highest possible level.

This can be ensured by using high quality liquids. These valuable liquids can be cleaned and preserved by our centrifuges to ensure the high quality of your products as well as extend the service lifetime of the liquids significantly.

Oil recovery

Oil is expensive and harmful for the environment.

With RumA-centrifuges you can clean contaminated oils from solids and recover these precious liquids. Therefore, you can reduce the impact on your wallet as well as the environment.

Forming technology

For mechanical working the lubrication and cooling of your machines as well as the workpiece are essential.

RumA-centrifuges ensure the efficient preservation and purification of your cooling lubricant.

Jewellery & Watches

In the making of jewellry and watches highest precision and quality is critical.

It is therefore essential to use high-grade cooling lubricants that only work on the highest level when purified and conditioned properly.

This is where RumA-centrifuges come into play by cleaning, purifying and conditioning your liquids.

Mineral processing

In the processing of minerals it is often unevitable to loose some of the scarce and valuable ressources in your liquid wastes.

With RumA-centrifuges you can recover these valuable ressources from your liquids and can reuse them in your production process. Therefore, you can  substantially decrease your material consumption.

Medical technology

Medical products are subjected to strict quality- and hygiene-specifications. 

In order to meet these strict requirements all components used in the manufacturing process need to be on the highest possible level.

By purifying and conditioning your cooling lubricants with RumA-centrifuges you can meet the high demands of quality of your medical products.

Car wash

In a car wash contaminated liquids collect in large quantities.

RumA-centrifuges can separate solids from these liquids for a hassle-free disposal of your waste.

Water protection

Contaminated liquids pose a threat to nature and especially bodies of water.

With RumA-centrifuges you can seperate these liquids from harmful solids and therefore make a huge contribution to enviromental and water protection. 

All other liquids

No matter what kind of liquids you are working with, we have the right equipment for your task to make sure you can profit from RumA-centrifuges as well.